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Q: Does drake speak spanish
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How many languages does drake speak?

Drake can speak English fluently, and he has also been known to incorporate Spanish in some of his music. However, he is not known to be fluent in any other languages.

Does drizzy drake know spanish?

Yes, Drake, also known as Drizzy Drake, does know Spanish. He has demonstrated his ability to speak and understand the language in some of his songs, such as his collaboration with Bad Bunny on the song "MIA." Additionally, he has also shown his proficiency in Spanish during interviews and on social media.

How do you say drake in spanish?

Drake is Pato in spanish.

Does drake speak other languages than English?

Drake primarily speaks English. He has incorporated some Spanish phrases into his music, particularly in collaborations with Latin artists, but he is not known to be fluent in other languages.

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When did Sir Francis Drake lead an attack against the Spanish?

Drake sailed his fleet into Cadiz against the Spanish fleet in 1587.

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Do you speak spanish

How too say love you drake bray in spanish?

Te amo "Drake Bray"

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Yes, they speak Spanish.

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is Hola in spanish not speak

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