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maybe,look at jaydon he does not have a girl-friend-NONO

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Q: Does jayden wale have children
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How tall is Jayden Cole?

Jayden Clark is 182 cm.

When was Jayden Hayward born?

Jayden Pierson was born on March 11, 1988, in Utah, USA.

When was Matthew Wale born?

Matthew Wale was born in 1968.

When did Samuel Wale die?

Samuel Wale died in 1786.

When did Thomas Wale die?

Thomas Wale died in 1796.

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How old is jayden wale in 2010?

he was 19, now he is 20

What is jayden wale's phone number?

Im sorry we cannot give that out.

Does Jayden wale know Justin bieber?

I don't know for sure, people often say Jayden wale looks like Justin bieber. In some studies they only look alike just by the hair,and somewhat of the smile

Who are Britney Spears's children?

Sean and Jayden.

What is the Arabic spelling for Jayden?


What is jayden's name?


What nicknames does Jayden Irving go by?

Dani Jayden goes by Smalls, Jayden, and Jay Jay.

Who are Jeydon and Kyle Wale?

Jeydon and Kyle Wale are the same person. Jeydon Wale created the character of Kyle Wale.

How tall is Jayden Cole?

Jayden Clark is 182 cm.

How do you spell jayden in hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, the name "Jayden" can be spelled as Jaiana.

What is jeydon wale's moms name?

Jeydon Wale's mom's name is Tina. Jeydon Wale is a YouTube star who has an alter ego named Hunter Wale.

How many babies does Britney Spears have?

Britney Spears has two children with her ex Kevin Federline. Their names are Sean and Jayen. Sean is 2 and Jayden is 1 ....