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lt should. That woukd increase the chance of you catching the pokemon, so yes.

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Q: Does pressing b repeatedly help catching Pokemon better?
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If you're trying to catch a Pokemon is it better to paralyze it or send it to sleep?

Putting a Pokemon to sleep will give you a better chance of catching it.

What ball is the best to cathch a weak Pokemon?

any ball that you have the better the ball better the chances of catching it

What do you have to do to have a better chance at catching a Pokemon with an ultra ball in Pokemon white?

take down its health then put it to sleep or confuse it

What are the qualities of pokeballs?

Pokeballs are basic and arent that great at catching pokemon. Greatballs are slightly better. Ultra are the best quality to catch pokemon. Masterballs no matter what will catch the pokemon.

Can you get a shiny Pokemon by repeatedly hatch eggs?

you have a better chance laying an egg your self, than to find a shiny in an egg

How do you get the crystal in Pokemon ruby to catch kygore?

You're better off learning how to fly irl then catching a kygore on ruby.

In Pokemon which move is better leech seed or sleep powder?

they are both great moves sleep powder is good for catching Pokemon leach seed is good in battles when you need hp

How can you find Pokemon with high levels in Pokemon ruby?

The answer is quite simple. Go somewhere far in the game. I don't recommend catching high leveled Pokemon, because a trained one is better than a caught one.

On the Poke walker Poke radar how long should you wait before pressing the button?

i usually just press the ! when it apearrs the more ! the better the Pokemon

Which book is better The Hunger Games or Catching Fire?

IMO, Catching Fire.

Where can you find a moonstone in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find one Underground, or by catching Cleffas or Clefairys in Mt. Coronet.P.S. You have a better chance of finding underground then on a Clefairy or Cleffa.

What is the difference between a poke ball great ball ultra ball and a master ball in Pokemon red?

The difference between these balls in Pokemon is the likelihood that you will catch a Pokemon with each. A master ball theoretically gives you 100% chance of catching the Pokemon, but all the rest depend on how strong the Pokemon is, and on the percentage for that particular ball. The pokeball is the least likely, then the great ball, then the ultra ball. (Then the master ball, which is the best of all.) In some of the Pokemon games there are additional types of balls that are better at catching certain types of Pokemon.