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Q: Does sara khan have a tattoo?
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When is sara Khan's birthday?

Sara Khan was born on August 6, 1989. Sara Raza Khan was born on November 9

What is sara Khan's height?

what is height of sara khan 4'11" or 150 cm

Where is sara raza Khan from?

sara raza khan is basically from lahore, pakistan

Who is sara raza Khan?

sara raza khan is a pakistani female singer

Where was sara raza Khan born?

sara raza khan was born in lahore pakistan

What is the date of birth of sara raza khan?

date of birth of sara raza khan is november 9

Who is the favorite singer of sara raza khan?

favorite singers of sara raza khan are abdul rauf and nayyara noor

What is sara khan age?


What is Sara Raza Khan official fan Facebook page?

The link to Sara Raza Khan's fan Facebook page can be found in related links.

What is going on with taker sara now?

taker and sara are still together. If you have noticed, some pics of the undertaker's tattoo "SARA" hasn't been there, its cause Having your wifes name tattoed on your neck isn't really tough. But, also, in matches, you see he has the tattoo but, its faded. He needs to get the tattoo redone. Tattoos can fade. Dont belive that taker and Michelle are going out. Okay? TAKER AND SARA R STILL TOGETHER!!! No, they are not. The Undertaker and Sara are divorced. That's why the SARA tattoo is no longer on the Undertaker's throat. He's not getting the tattoo redone, and he IS dating Michelle McCool.

Sara khan not a Muslim because she pray only Hindu ram in drama bidaai so she is badly and not a Muslim women sara khan go to hell?

yes sara khan is a Muslim and she douse act like one but most people ain't bothered

Why did undertaker remove his tattoo on his neck?

Because that tattoo was sara name but he divorced her so he removed it