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Q: Does the Rapunzel storie have magic?
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Why was Rapunzel captured?

In the movie "Tangled" she is captured because an old lady uses Rapunzel's hair to make herself young again. Her long hair is magic - it glows when she sings. When the old lady brushes her hair and Rapunzel sings, the old lady turns young again. The reason Rapunzel's hair is magic is because her mum, when she was pregnant, got sick and in order for the baby (Rapunzel) to survive the mother had to drink the magic flower juice, then when Rapunzel was born she had magic blond hair. The old lady captured her when she was a baby and keeps her locked away because if Rapunzel's hair gets cut it turns brown and is no longer magic. The old lady fears that if Rapunzel goes out into society, someone will cut her hair and the old lady can longer use its magic to make herself young again. The old lady once tried to cut Rapunzel's hair and it turned brown - that's how she knows. That's what the movie says anyway.

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Rapunzel is a great hero.

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