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Q: Dwayne Johnson football stats
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What are the best Pokemon to have?

Arceus is the Pokemon with the highest stats, and it is extremely unlikely any future Pokemon will have the same or more stats than Arceus. --- Not anymore. Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Mewtwo X, and Mega Rayquaza all have higher stats than Arceus, though Arceus still has the highest base stats if Mega Evolutions are not counted.

Is blatoise more powerful than Pidgeot in FireRed?

yes blastoise more powerful then pidgeot in fire red because lots of its stats are better i mean all of his stats are better his attack is 8000 his defense is 8000 every one of his stats are 8000 i hope you no now well all his stats are not 8000 but i have a pigeot and a blastouse so i would think blastose blows the roof off of pigeot but on serten accasis pideot is better.;)

1 hit kill Pokemon emerald gameshark?

I own the gameshark and I was thinking of that too. The truth is, there is no jack for automatically 1 hitting another Pokemon. But, there is a hack for getting 999 on all you pokemons stats. There is 999 stats Pokemon party member1, 999 stats Pokemon party member 2 and so on. So there's no direct one hit KO but with that hack you can come pretty close.

Is Heracross a good Pokemon?

Yes, if you're in need of a bug Pokemon with a high Attack Stats.

What is better Hydreigon or Haxorus?

Both are great pokemon, but the stats show that Hydriegon is the better of the two. Hydriegon has better base stats than Haxorus, hydriegon having 600 and haxorus having 540. Haxorus does have better attack, but hydriegon rises above him in every other stat.

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