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Massage your Pokemon 7 times and talk to her.

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Q: How Do you get Blues Number in Soulsilver Daisy Oak Gave you Three massages the the next day she said you always have tea come join you and you talk to her between 3-4pm?
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What Pokemon games have Pokemon that are always shiny and where?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, there is a red Gyarados that you have to either defeat or capture at Lake of Rage. Other than that, there are no games that do that.

Can you fight gary in Pokemon Black and White?

Gary's name in SoulSilver is Blue, so the name Blue will be used to tell how to get a rematch. Blue is always too busy, so you have to go to his sister, Daisy, in Pallet Town. Get a massage every day between 3 and 4 p.m., and when a Pokemon reaches a certain happiness level, she will give you Blue's phone number for a rematch.

What is the combination used to make primo give you a mareep egg in soulsilver?

i think it's always different, depending on what trainer id number u are, and u can just check ur trainer card- which is on your deck (just press start) to figure out ur number after whatever code you have, it will give you wallpapers or eggs- the eggs r: slugma(you can only get that in kanto), mareep(you can just catch those easily in routes 32, 42, 43), and wooper.

Why did James the 1st upset Parliament?

Initially, James was welcomed into the Parliament. However a number of disputes arose between them due to royal favorites and finances along with James' belief that he is always right.

Why can't magneton evolve into magnezone in soulsilver?

You cannot get a magnezone in heart gold and soul silver. the only way you can is if you go out and buy diamond pearl or platinum and then get the national pokedex, catch a magneton, and level it up in mount coronet, and trade to hg/ss. and there is always the Pokemon modifier but if your not a hacker like me, i wouldn't use it

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Can you get the elite fours phone number in Pokemon soulsilver?

No, you can't. Just walk in! They're always ready to battle!

Where is vermilion city in soulsilver?

Where it always has been. Kanto.

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How do you find brock in Pokemon SoulSilver?

He is where he always is, at his gym in Pewter City

The difference of two even number is always an even number?

Yes, the difference between two even numbers is always an even number.

What is there to do after you beat Red in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can always catch Groudon. And Rayquaza too.

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Can you keep the battle factory Pokemon in soulsilver?

No. They are only rentals. You always have to give them back.

Where do you find a Shieldon on Pokemon SoulSilver?

go to serbii net and find out that always help me

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