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YOu add friends by addingg there share code : mine is 994dolphin154

you can find yours at the top of the screen :00

add me and send me a gift. i will send you one back !!

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You click on the friends icon (green and orange person) and then type in your friends share code.

Feel free to add me...



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Q: How add to add friends on Disney's Superbia?
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Where do you find friends on disneys superbia?

hey there, to get friends on superbia is by adding people by using their share codes, at the bottom on the page is a icon of two people holding hands when that loads then click on add friend then type in your friends share code, if none of your friends have disney superbia then type in on wiki answer 'disney superbia share codes' and a lot of people have posted their share codes in their answers! add me: 802Navy489 or its Navy489 sorry i'm new to it aswell and everyone else just has three numbers at the end so i'm not sure which one but try both please i send gifts:-)

Is disneys superbia free?

YES it is because i have it and it had NO CHARGE

Can you have a boyfriend on superbia?

No but you can have friends on it by adding your friends share codes X Minee is Sky148 X (add Mee )

How do you get friends in Disney's superbia game?

you gota find out what your friends code is then go onto friend's add friend and then type in your friends code :') xx

What are the secret codes for Disney superbia?

it is like an identification code for adding friends mine is: 208HAMSTER670 plz add me add me:306Zwaan620

What are codes to add people on Superbia?

If you want to add people on Superbia, you have to ask them for their codes.

What is the superbia sharecode?

A Superbia sharcode is something everyone has. When you set up an account you get given a sharecode. You tell your sharecode to people and they can then find you on Superbia. For example, if you go to your friends list at the bottom of the page, then click "Add a Friend" you can type in a sharecode someone has given you, and add them. My sharecode is 844Hamster807

What is todays cheat code for superbia?

Add me please on superbia my name is 110Dragonfly583

Can anyone tell you their friendcode on Disney's Superbia?

yes anyone if you type it in on wiki answers loads of people post their share codes which is a good way to get more friends on superbia mine is: 802Navy489 add me!:-)

Where can you get friends on superbia?

With Superbia share codes and you can go to park, there is a lot of people too

How do you delete friends on superbia?


How do you create a superbia?

first you just go on disney superbia belowDisney Superbia | Your Place. Your Friends. Your Rules! | Disney UKand click onCREATEYOURCHARACTER