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you have to recruit zapdos, moltres and articuno then go make some rescues and after a while if you talk to alakazam he is gonna tell u that something strange is happening in legendary island, go to that friend area and you get it... the vortex stone =)

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Go to Northwind field where you can find suicune there at floor 29 you should be Abel to find one or more

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Q: How can you get the vortex stone in red rescue team?
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How do you evolve seadra in pkmn red rescue team?

water stone and deepseacale

What Pokemon evolves with a wish stone?

No Pokemon evolve with a wish stone. The wish stone is an item exclusive to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team/ Red Rescue Team. It is used to make a wish when Jirachi is encountered.

Pokemon red rescue team how do you get a leaf stone?

You need to buy it from Kecleon stalls in dungeons.

How do you get a thunder stone on Pokemon red rescue team?

u will mostly find it in Lightning Field on the 29th floor

Can you get Jirachi as a starter in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

No, you can't start with a Jirachi.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon red rescue team?

you can't clone in red rescue team

What Pokemon evolve with a moon stone in red rescuse team?

In Pokemon Red Rescue Team, Nidorano, Nidorina, and Clefairy evolve with a Moon Stone.Enjoy your Ground-Type Nidorans!

How do you hold item in Pokémon's red rescue team?

How i do to hold item in Pokemon red rescue team

What Pokemon can evolve with a sun stone in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue or red rescue team?

Only Gloom and Sunkern

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team where can you find a water stone?

29F in Northwind Field a key is required

What is the difference between Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team?

Pokemon Red Rescue Team is a GBA game pak, while Pokemon Blue Rescue Team is a DS game card. You can only play Red Rescue Team with a Gameboy Advanced (GBA) or Gameboy Advanced Special (GBA SP), but you can play both games with a DS.

How do you evolve Nuzleaf in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team?

u go to evolve place and give leaf stone