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Q: How did Dr Ewen Cameron die?
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When did Ewen Cameron - soldier - die?

Ewen Cameron - soldier - died in 1843.

When did Ewen Cameron of Lochiel die?

Ewen Cameron of Lochiel died in 1719.

When did Ewen Cameron - banker - die?

Ewen Cameron - banker - died in 1908.

Which doctor attempted to brainwash patients with LSD and electrotherapy in the 1950s?

Dr. Ewen Cameron

When was Ewen Cameron - soldier - born?

Ewen Cameron - soldier - was born in 1811.

When was Ewen Cameron of Lochiel born?

Ewen Cameron of Lochiel was born in 1629.

When was Ewen Cameron - banker - born?

Ewen Cameron - banker - was born in 1841.

When was Donald Ewen Cameron born?

Donald Ewen Cameron was born on 1901-12-24.

When was Ewen Cameron - Australian politician - born?

Ewen Cameron - Australian politician - was born on 1930-12-12.

What is the birth name of Cameron Shipp?

Cameron Shipp's birth name is Ewen Cameron Shipp.

What movie and television projects has Allan Kulakow been in?

Allan Kulakow has: Played Dr. Petrovsky in "Something the Lord Made" in 2004. Played Mayor Quinn in "The Way" in 2006. Played Dr. Ewen Cameron in "Inside" in 2007. Played Dr. Ewen Cameron in "National Geographic: CIA Secret Experiments" in 2008. Played Bill Billington in "The Boomers" in 2009. Played The Father in "Figure-Ground" in 2011.

When did Ewen Bain die?

Ewen Bain died in 1990.