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One source says William Mackay Low died from paralysis. Willie's drinking and philandering probably contributed to his death.

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Q: How did Juliette Low's husband die?
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What country did Juliette Gordon Low travel to?

Juliette Gordon Low loved to travel, so she traveled to many countries, especially in Europe. She traveled to Scotland and England where Juliette and her husband, William Mackey Low, had homes.

How did Juliette Gordon Low meet her husband?

Juliette's family and the Low family both had homes in Savannah, Georgia where Andrew Low, William Mackay Low's father, had a successful cotton business. Juliette became friends with Andrew Low's daughters and often visited them in England. So it is very likely that Juliette and William met each other through Juliette's friendship with his sisters. Juliette and William married six months after Andrew Low's death.

What is the birth name of Juliette Gauntt?

Juliette Gauntt's birth name is Juliette Loraine Gauntt.

When did William Husband die?

William Husband died in 1887.

When was Juliette Boulet born?

Juliette Boulet was born in 1981.

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What is Juliette lows favorite food?

Pop corn

Did Juliette Gordon Low's husband kill her?

No. Juliette Gordon Low lived for many years after her husband died. Juliette died from breast cancer.

What was the name of Juliette Gordon Low's husband?

Juliette Gordan Low's husband was William (Willie) Mackey Low.

Did juliette Gordon lows go to college?

No, Juliette Gordon Low went to several different boarding schools and a finishing school. It was very unusual in the late 1800's for a female to go to college.

When did Juliette Derricotte die?

Juliette Derricotte died in 1931.

When did Juliette Dodu die?

Juliette Dodu died in 1909.

When did Juliette Adam die?

Juliette Adam died in 1936.

When did Juliette Atkinson die?

Juliette Atkinson died in 1944.

Did Juliette Gordon Lows father go to war?

Yes, Juliette Gordon Low's father was a soldier and an officer who participated in the US Civil War as a Confederate officer and as a Brigadier General in the Spanish American War.

What was Juliette lows favorite subject?

Juliette's favorite subjects in school were probably drawing, speech, French, and piano as she earned high marks in those subjects. She continued with drawing and other artistic endeavors such as sculpting throughout her life.

Why did Julliette Low not have kids?

Juliette Lows husband, William Mac Kay Low, was an alcoholic and was gone most of the time. he believed that marriage is a formal relationship between two people because he was English. his alcoholism caused him to fall in love with the cleaning lady of his and Juliette's house (whom he had a secret piece of land with that was under her name also which Juliette acquired after his death) so he wanted a divorce with her ,but she loved him still loved him and refused to divorce him and soon he died of his alcoholism

In what year did Juliette Low die?

Juliette Gordon Low died in 1927.