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Q: How do I locate a person in the USN who died in 1953?
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Does Chuck Woollery serve in the USN?

Yes, for two years.

Did John Wayne die during the making of a film?

The Character he played may have been killed in action, but in a sense this was unrealistic as this character, an Engineer Admiral or Commodore ( who, as in real life, wore the Khaki Marine uniform rather than USN whites or Blues) was the founder of the Seabees 9 USN Construction battalions) and certainly survived the war. He did see considerable action, however, not a ( Pentagon desk jockey).

What was tom cruise name in top gun?

Maverick is his call sign Pete Michele is his Characters name.

Did Sophia Loen ever remarry?

She is a widow, as Carlo Ponti died some years ago. Ms Loren is only a tenente ( Lieutenant) on the Bedroom Battlegrounders, compare with Admiral Gabor ( sizx stripes in the bedroom) and the late, lamented Secretary of Defence Dame, Elizabeth Taylor, ( too many sleeve stripes for USN, so Secretary of Defence) Gina is a warrant one- One broken stripe. She was married to Michael Schofield but terminally separated. She never remarried., so much for campaign ribbons of the bedroom.

Who opened Japan to trade?

Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, USN in 1854. -- not true and a common misconception. Perry's primary missions were to help American shipwrecked whalers and to establish supply ports to get to China and elsewhere more easily. He was instructed to open trade if he could, but he fell short. He did establish a person that would have the authority to discuss trade at a later date (something that was left out of the Japanese translation, actually...). Townsend Harris was the man who negotiated the Treaty of Amity and Commerce several years after Perry. Honestly. Perry was fairly inconsequential, even in terms of technology revealed, since most of the important people of the time were well aware of western technology due to trade through the Ryukyus, who had extensive trade with China, which had just lost the Opium Wars to the western nation of Britain.

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What is the value of a 2 USN 1953 B Series?

$3 to $6 depending on condition

Is there a famous person named Nimitz?

Admiral Chester Nimitz, USN

Who was on the USS Missouri?

Commanding Officers of the USS Missouri (BB-63) Captain William M. Callaghan, USN - June 11, 1944 - May 14, 1945 Captain Stuart S. Murray, USN - May 14, 1945 - November 6, 1945 Captain Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, USN - November 6, 1945 - May 31, 1946 Captain Tom B. Hill, USN - May 31, 1946 - April 2, 1947 Captain Robert L. Dennison, USN - April 2, 1947 - January 23, 1948 Commander John B. Colwell, USN - January 23, 1948 - February 24, 1948 Captain James H. Thach, Jr., USN - February 24, 1948 - February 5, 1949 Captain Harold P. Smith, USN - February 5, 1949 - December 10, 1949 Captain William D. Brown, USN - December 10, 1949 - February 3, 1950 Commander George E. Peckham, USN - February 3, 1950 - February 7, 1950 Captain Harold P. Smith, USN - February 7, 1950 - April 19, 1950 Captain Irving T. Duke, USN - April 19, 1950 - March 2, 1951 Captain George T. Wright, USN - March 2, 1951 - October 18, 1951 Captain John Sylvester, USN - October 18, 1951 - September 4, 1952 Captain Warner R. Edsall, USN - September 4, 1952 - March 26, 1953 Commander James R. North, USN - March 26, 1953 - April 4, 1953 Captain Robert Brodie, Jr., USN - April 4, 1953 - April 1, 1954 Captain Robert T. S. Keith, USN - April 1, 1954 - September 18, 1954 Commander James R. North, USN - September 18, 1954 - February 26, 1955 Captain Albert Lee Kaiss, USN - May 10, 1986 - June 20, 1986 Captain James A. Carney, USN - June 20, 1986 - July 6, 1988 Captain John J. Chernesky, USN - July 6, 1988 - June 13, 1990 Captain Albert Lee Kaiss, USN - June 13, 1990 - March 31, 1992 All Commanding Officers were Regular Navy. Three Commanding Officers were full Commanders, previously the Executive Officer. One Commander served twice as Commanding Officer. Three Captains served twice as Commanding Officer. Captain Kaiss is the only Commanding Officer in history to put a US Navy ship into commission, and take the same ship out of commission. He is also the last Commanding Officer of a Battleship and in essence, the last Battleship Sailor. He was the last sailor to leave the ship on March 31, 1992.

What is the value of a 1953 b series 2 dollar bill with a red seal?

Depending on the condition of the $2 1953-B United States two dollar bill Jefferson red seal USN can range anywhere from 19$ - 30$. per bill.

When was Robert Walker - USN - born?

Robert Walker - USN - was born on 1929-02-02.

What is the abbreviation for retired naval commander?

The abbreviation would be "CDR, USN (Ret.)"

What were boats made of in world war 2?

USN ships of WWII were built of steel; USN PT Boats were built of WOOD. USN ships of WWII also fought in the Vietnam War; USN Swift Boats during the Vietnam War were built of ALUMINUM.

What is the abbreviation for navy?

The abbreviation for the United States Navy is the obvious "USN."

Does USN have side affects?

yes they do

Who were the allies in the Battle of Midway?

The USN.

Who were the allies of the Battle of Midway?

The USN.

Who was the winner of the battle of the pacific?