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Well, if your not blonde, look somewhere else. But if you are look here. How to look like Annabeth Chase:

1. Like Percy Jackson

2. Wear Yankees hat.

3. Wear tomboyish clothes.

4. Have Athena as your mom

5. Have a best friend named Grover

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Use descriptions of her from the novels to get a general idea what her face and hair look like in your mind, and then apply it to your own imagination and personal art style to create a drawing you like.

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Q: How do you be like Annabeth Chase?
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When was Annabeth Chase created?

Annabeth Chase was created in 2005.

Who did Percy Jackson like in botl?

Annabeth Chase

Does Rachel Dare like Annabeth Chase?

After a bit of the way

Which celebrity is Annabeth Chase most like?

alexandra daddario

Does Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson like each other?

Yes they do.

Who is Annabeth Chase's father?

Fredrick Chase

What is annabeth chase's fathers name?

Fredrick Chase

How tall is Annabeth Chase?

annabeth is 5'9 and Percy is 5'10

What does Annabeth Chase aspire to be in The Lightning Thief?

Annabeth wants to be an architect.

Does Annabeth have children?

No, as far as the series has gone, Annabeth Chase has not had children.

Did annabeth chase beat Percy Jackson in the end of the book 5?

I think she did because Annabeth Chase is really fast.

What is Annabeth's dad's name?

Annabeth Chase's dad's name is Frederick Chase. He remarries a mortal woman and forgets about Athena. (\__/) (='.'=) (")_(")