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Q: How do you conduct fire fighting?
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What is ice weakness in Pokemon?

Fire, fighting, rock and steel.

What is cease-fire in the book of Mockingjay?

Cease fire is the asking of to stop fighting between two sides which are fighting

What Pokemon is good against steel types?

Usually fire, ground, and fighting. Although if you are fighting some Pokemon mixed with steel (ex. Skarmory), ground is not effective because he his half Flying type.

What type of Pokemon can beat steal type Pokemon?

Fighting and Fire types can easily beat Steel types as there moves are super effective on Steel.

What Pokemon beats what?

Strengths: Normal ---> Nothing. Fire ---> Steel, Grass, Bug, Water ---> Fire, Rock, Ground Grass ---> Water, Rock, Ground Bug ---> Psychic, Dark, Grass Fighting ---> Ice, Normal, Steel, Rock. Ice ---> Grass, Flying, Rock, Dragon. Psychic ---> Poison, Fighting, Flying ---> Grass, Bug, Fighting. Steel ---> Ice, Rock, Rock ---> Fire, Flying, Bug Electric ---> Flying, Water Dark ---> Psychic, Ghost Ground ---> Rock, Steel, Electric, Fire Dragon ---> Dragon. Weaknesses: Normal ---> Fighting. Fire ---> Water, Rock, Ground. Water ---> Grass, Electric. Grass ---> Fire, Poison, Bug, Flying. Bug ---> Fire, Flying, Rock. Fighting ---> Psychic, Flying. Ice ---> Fighting, Steel, Fire. Psychic ---> Dark, Ghost, Bug. Flying ---> Electric, Rock. Steel ---> Fire, Fighting, Ground. Rock ---> Water, Grass, Ground, Fighting. Electric ---> Ground. Dark ---> Bug, Fighting. Ground ---> Water, Grass, Ice. Dragon ---> Ice, Dragon. This list may be a tad bit inaccurate, but if so, it will be edited. Don't worry I pokemongenius fixed it.

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When was Fighting Fire with Fire created?

Fighting Fire with Fire was created in 1991.

When was Fighting Fire created?

Fighting Fire was created on 2011-02-27.

When was Fighting Fire Fighter created?

Fighting Fire Fighter was created in 1956.

What are ice Pokemon weaknesses?

Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock.

What is ice weakness in Pokemon?

Fire, fighting, rock and steel.

What is the duration of Fighting Fire Fighter?

The duration of Fighting Fire Fighter is 1.48 hours.

What type beats ice Pokemon?

Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock.

Why is it important to use the correct fire fighting equipment for electrical and non electrical?

It is important because fire equipment that has not been rated for electrical fire use may conduct electricity and electro-fry the user, whereas equipment such as electrically rated fire extinguishers (class C) will not conduct electricity, therefore keeping the operator safe. If you want more information on fire extinguishers such as different types and which instance to use them I have provided a link with this post.

Where did fire fighting begin?

when a fire started

When was Tabriz Fire Fighting Tower created?

Tabriz Fire Fighting Tower was created in 1917.

When fighting a fire where do you aim the fire exinguisher?

Base of the fire

When fighting a fire where do you aim fire extinguisher?

Base of the fire