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Q: How do you determine the age of your ted Williams 30-30?
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What is a ted Williams 3030 lever action riflein fair condition worth snv124462?


What is a less an average ted Williams 100 3030 worth?

$100 to $150. Ted never made any guns so it does not have the status symbol value of WINCHESTER.

How old was Ted Williams at death?

Ted Williams died on July 5, 2002 at the age of 83.

Ted Williams 30-06 bolt action Does anyone have an age and value of this firearm?

Try this link to determine age and manufacturer which will help with pricing.

What is the value of a ted Williams Winchester 3030 model 94?

Check the auction sites. You give no description of the finish, wood, etc. Could be worth $10 or it could be worth $400

What is the age of a 30 30 Ted Williams Model 100?


What is Ted Williams Baseball Glove worth?

Not very much. "Ted Williams" was Sears' private-label sporting goods brand. There were Ted Williams baseball articles, Ted Williams tents, even Ted Williams outboard motors. This stuff was very popular and sold in the millions. The good part is, Ted didn't endorse junk. Ted Williams sporting goods were high quality and reliable.

When was Ted Williams Tunnel created?

Ted Williams Tunnel was created in 1995.

What is Ted Williams's birthday?

Ted Williams was born on August 30, 1918.

Who was Ted Williams married to?

Ted Williams was married to Lee Howard... they were divorced

What is Ted Williams home town?

Ted Williams was born in San Diego, California.

Laurona shot guns by Ted Williams?

Ted Williams was the store brand name used by Sears. Laurona made the shotgun for Sears and stamped it Ted Williams for the.