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There is no "mega rod" on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. There are three rods, the Old Rod, Good Rod and Super Rod.

Old rod: fisherman in the house west of the Poketch company building in Jubilife city.Good Rod: Fisherman on Route 209Super Rod: Fisherman on the northwestern side of the Fight Area (only accessible after beating Elite 4)

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There is no such thing.

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Q: How do you get mega rod in Pokemon emerald?
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Where can you find mega kick in Pokemon emerald?

in a route

What rod do you catch Feebas in Pokemon Emerald and if so how?

supe rod

Super rod Pokemon Emerald?

The super rod is received in mossdeep city.

How do you get a carvanah in pokemon emerald?

You have to fish with a super rod.

What Pokemon can the good rod get in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon you can get with the good rod are: TENTACOOL, MARILL, MAGIKARP, CHINCHOU ( under-water ) and CORPHISH.

What rod you catch corsola in Pokemon emerald?

you use the good rod in a river or somewhere :/

Were do you find the good rod in Pokemon emerald?

at rut 118

How do you get an ultra rod on Pokemon emerald?

there's no ultra rod there's only a old rod,good rod, & super rod..veronica

Where is the super rod in emarld?

The super rod in pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald is in mossdeep city.

What fisherman gives you the good rod in Pokemon emerald?

east of mauville

How can you get feebas in Pokemon emerald?

you want catch it with the rod in rout 119.

Where to get relicanth in Pokemon emerald?

in route 226 and use super rod