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defeat him.

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Q: How do you get scorpion in Spider-Man friend or foe?
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How do you find scorpion in spider man friend or foe?

he is a foe.

How do you play as Mysterio and Carnage in Spider-Man friend or foe on PC?

how to get spiderman friend or foe PC co-op

How do you get carnage in spider man friend or foe on the Wii?

you can not get carnage because you can only get it in spiderman friend or foe for psp I do not know whey

How do you unlock Silver Sable?

how do unlock silver sable in spiderman friend or foe

Will there be Spider-Man friend or foe 2?

i think after the release of the amazing spiderman 4 film and video game there will be one based on the series

Is the vulture in spider man friend or foe?

friend or

Is ocean friend or foe?


Is a red wolf a friend or a foe?

A foe

Spiders a friend or a foe?

foe xoxoxoxo

Are the deers a friend or a foe to the plants?


Do you think they'll ever come out with a Lego Spider-Man Video Game If so when?

Lego only had the rights to Spiderman for the first 2 movies. Mega Blocks got it away from them for Spiderman 3. Activision was in the early development stages of making a Lego Spiderman game, however once Lego lost the rights to Spiderman they turned that game into Spiderman: Friend or Foe. If you have ever played this game you will notice that it has a lot of the same feel as a Lego game.

Can you get scorpion on friend or foe psp?

yes, you get scorpion for psp. you get new goblin, prowler, black cat, doc ock, green goblin, iron fist, scorpion, rhino, lizard, sand man, venom, carnage, electro, and blade. The only villains in the game you don't get are mysterio, and those P.H.A.N.T.O.M.'s