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you have to beat the elite four then go to professor elm and he will tell you to go to the elite four front gate by victory road then go left then follow the path to mount silver and you will find moltres and battle red and save before battling red cause his Pokemon are in the high level 80s like pikachu lvl88 lapras lvl80 and a lot of others

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You go to the building in which you go into Victory Road. Instead of going straight or right at the intersection, turn left. If you have defeated the Elite Four and Champion you will be allowed to pass.

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Q: How do you get to silver mountain Pokemon silver?
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How do you get larvitar in Pokemon Soul Silver?

mt silver or 16 badges safari zone mountain area

How do you get to mt silver in pokemon soul silver?

easy defeat all sixteen gym leaders and proffesor oak will allow into mountain silver

On route 44 on Pokemon soul silver there is a mountain that is full of ice?

that's not a question.

Is Larvatar available in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes in Mt. Silver, or Safari zone Mountain area.

Where can you find red in Pokemon soul silver?

Pokemon Trainer Red is on the top of the mountain in the center of the map. All of his Pokemon are lv.63 and up, so have strong Pokemon!

When can you get to mont silver in Pokemon Soul Silver?

After you beat all 16 gym leaders and get rock climb from professor oak. Red is on the top of the mountain and he has Pokemon from level 80 to level 88 so bring tough Pokemon

How do you catch a lavintar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get a Larvitar from Mt. Silver or from the Safari Zone (Mountain) with 5 Peak Objects.

How do you get TM strength in Pokemon silver?

going into the union cave for the first time a mountain climer bumps into you and gives you it :)

How do you catch larvitar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get it on Mt. Silver or from the Safari Zone (Mountain) in the grass or with 5 Peak Objects.

How do you catch gruodon in Pokemon soal silver?

how to catch groudon in soul silver is first beat the Elite four then go to mr Pokemon and he will give you a red orb with the red orb take it to that mountain near the safari and agroudon apear

Where is blue in Pokemon Silver?

When you get to Cinnabar Island, go north past the Pokemon Center. Blue will be next to the mountain. After you talk to him, he will go to his gym in Viridian and wait for you to battle him officially.

Where can you catch a LARVITAR in pokemon heartgold?

In HeartGold you can find Larvitar on Mt. Silver or in the Safari Zone (in the 'Mountain' area).Safari Zone