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Well, I have very large, hairy feet and I never wear shoes. Also I like to dress in wool pants, dress shirts and vests. Because of this many mistake me for a hobbit.

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Q: How do you look like a hobbit?
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What does Middle Earth look like in book The Hobbit?

Most of middle earth looks a Europe adaption.

Why was Gollum drawn to look like a frog with ears in the cartoon of the Hobbit and The Return of the King?

Rankin and Bass did not know what he looked like, so they drew him to look like a frog with ears, but Ralph Bakshi drew him to look like an alien, and Peter Jackson wanted him to look like a demon

What do elves look like in The Hobbit?

are you talking about the elve trolls they are ugly i havent watched it but i really do i reaserched online and thats what i heard

How do you get a role in The Hobbit movie?

youll get one if you look like Bilbo bagginsUnfortunately, it is probably too late to get a role in The Hobbit, since I think they might have already started filming, but you never know. You might want to check to see if they have a website for the project.

Is the movie The Hobbit good?

if you like adventure

How tall is Mike Lupica?

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Is Mike Lupica tall?

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What was Thorin's personality like in The Hobbit?

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Are there any other story like Beowulf?

Absolutley! you might be interested in the Hobbit. Tolkien was inspired to write The Hobbit thanks to Beowulf.

What does smaug not recognize about Bilbo in The Hobbit?

Smaug doesn't recognize the scent of Hobbit, although he knows what dwarves and men smell like.

Is their a ressureactionin The Hobbit?

There is no resurrection in The Hobbit. However, there are certain aspects of a resurrection like story in the escape from the goblin caves and the escape from the elven dungeon.