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You talk to Spinda and give him a edible item, like an Apple. Spinda will then make you a drink.

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Q: How do you make drinks at Spinda's Cafe'?
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Can you get in spindas cafe at chapter 20?


How do you get Destiny Tower in explorers of sky?

After you beat Dialga and graduate, go to the Spindas cafe, and go to the Drink stand, and if you get lucky on a drink and find WIN written on the bottom of your glass, there is a chance that you will unlock Destiny Tower.

How do you unlock Mt Mistral?

make drinks at spindas juice bar you have a 1/128 for every drink

Where is spindas cafe in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

They don't have it in Explorers of Darkness, only in Explorers of Sky

How do you unlock spindas cafe?

You don't "unlock" the spinda cafe. It's only available in Explorer's of the sky. go to the Cross roads area and you should see a hole with stairs go there and your at the Spinda cafe.

How do you get to mt mistral?

Make drinks in spinda's cafe. I am unsure of how many...

How do you get mt mistral in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

You have you make drinks at the spinda cafe

When do you get shayman villige on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

go into spindas cafe oneday and you will see a convention that tells u about it

Is there a list of the drinks you can make at spinda's cafe in Pokemon explorers of sky?

no there isn't

On Pokemon dungeon what is in the new shop?

The new shop( spindas Cafe/ the recycling place), is located at the crossroads. You get acces to it as you progress through the game:)

Who do you have to talk to to get to the sky peak on Pokemon mystery dungeons explorers of sky in spindas cafe?

When Dialga brings you back keep doing missions until someone says there is big news at Spindas Cafe. You will go in and you can go to Sky Peak. P.S take lots of Reviver Seeds.Go back when you complete the mountain and Shaymin will join you. No clue how to change forme?

How do you get the special missions from the exploration federation in explorers of sky?

just go to spindas cafe and talk to the Pokemon on the entrance and it will say "team... arrived just in time "