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You have to make friends in-game for them to show up on the Pokemon Global Link. Register there friend codes and they will appear on the PGL.

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Q: How do you make friends in Pokemon X and Y PGL?
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You make a pokemon level X in pokemon HG or SS but a level X is a level 100 but it wont say level X for the level

How do you make friends with your Pokemon in Pokemon white?

Put a soothe bell on it, Use items like x attack, x speed and x items on low leveled Pokemon like patrat on route 1. This will help it be friendlier. Use calcium and EV's to boost it stats which also make it friendlier. IF you want to avoid it being nasty to you, avoid using revival herbs, don't make it faint in battle and use the Pokemon a lot without the health going low. I hope this helped you ^_^

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Does anyone have friend codes for a Ditto Safari in Pokemon X and Y?

Lots of people have ditto safaris you just have to find the people that do. Also the more friends you have the easier to end up with one, so go out there and make more friends and you might get lucky enough to get one.

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