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In Slateport, go to their contest grounds (a big red building with a greyish-blueish roof). In there is a little girl with a bow or something. Ask her and she'll give you a pokeblock case. go to the blender with an old man and a dude. and the game will tell you how to blend berries. HAVE FUN!

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It depends on the lvl of the pokemon...:

BLUE- Level 10: Chesto Berry Oran Berry

Level 25: Wiki Berry INDIGO-

Level 10: Lum Berry Bluk Berry Wepear Berry

Level 25: Kelpsy Berry Hondew Berry Cornn Berry

Level 50: Pamtre Berry

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Q: How do you make indago pokeblocks in Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you make pokeblocks on Pokemon Ruby?

You can make pokeblocks at any contest hall i would suggest blending berries at lilycove city's contest hall.

In Pokemon Sapphire where do you make poffins?

You cannot make poffins in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald but you can make pokeblocks at contest centers

How do you get max beauty on ruby Pokemon?

U feed pokeblocks that max out beauty like blue pokeblocks

How do you use the pokeblocks on Pokemon Ruby?

give it to your pokemon, it will raise its Contest condition.

What pokeblocks does wobbuffet like in Pokemon ruby?

Depends on it's nature allthough usually it likes blue pokeblocks or pokeblocks with dry qualities.

How do you have pokeblocks without using link Pokemon ruby?

Pokeblocks can be made in the Pokemon contest buildings at cities such as Lilycove, you really dont need a link cable..

Where do you get a blending machine in Pokemon ruby?

You can't keep one personally but you can use them in contest halls. Then, you can make pokeblocks. But first you need a Pokeblock case to keep all pokeblocks you make. You would need berries. Lots and lots of berries.

What is the best way to raise a Milotic in Pokemon ruby?

you feed it blue and indigo and gold POKeBLOCKS.

How do you reset pokemons condition or pokeblock thingie on Pokemon ruby?

You can't. When you have altered a pokemon's condition with pokeblocks the change is irreversible.

How do you get the pokeblocks in pokemon ruby?

Make sure you have a pokeblock case and go in any contest hall and look for the blenders. Press A and you can berry blend, it creates one pokeblock.

How do you mack pokeblock in Pokemon Diamond?

you can only get pokeblocks in ruby, sapphire and emerald. However if you talk to the Pokemon fanclub chairman he'll give you a poffin case. And you can make poffins in the poffin house at hearthome city.

Where can you get pokeblocks on Pokemon XD gale of darkness for the gamecube?

You cant get poke blocks in Pokemon xd gale of darkness. They are only aquirable in ruby, Sapphire, and emerald.