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Rock Push? I think you mean "Strength". Go down from Solecon Town then right. Go into the tower and climb to the top floor. Two ladies will be there. One will give you a Cleanse Tag. The other will give you HM Strength. You'll need the gym badge that allows your Pokemon to use that move.

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In order to push boulders in Pokémon X and Y, you first need to obtain the HM04 Strength from Gym Leader Grant on your way to his Gym in Cyllage City and then teach it to any Pokémon that can learn the move. This Pokémon must be in your Party in order to work and you must obtain the Cliff Badge by defeating Grant.

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I think you need to have captured one flag from another person's secret base.

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well if you got far enough, you could go to the mining place where you found a gym leader. if you go there,you can find a onix

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Q: How do you push a big boulder in Pokemon X and Y?
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