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Beat Vegeta's boss mission in galaxy mode.

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Q: How do you unlock tarble in db raging blast 2?
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How do you get Goku's halo in DB raging blast?

It's one of the items you can wish for.

How do you delete saved data on db raging blast?

I don't think u can

Are they going to make db raging blast 2?

It's already been made.

What are sways on db raging blast?

guard and hit square and you dodge melee attacks

Can you turn off transformations in db raging blast?

no but if you dont want to transform dont

How do you get secret battle 47 in dragonball raging blast?

Buy it with stars,which you obtain by the db ball.

Why did they give you points every time you win a battle in db raging blast?

because I'm special

How do you beat time attack under 30 seconds in DB Raging Blast?

that's physically impossible

How do you cheat in db raging blast?

on the demo choose goku vs goku ss then get full power and change into ss you will be ss2

How much does DB raging blast cost?

Well For both Ps3 and Xbox 360 in the shops its about £45 but online you could get it for £35

How do you earn stars in db raging blast?

DB ball no you go back to a cleared level and select mission and pass the condition of the mission.. one mission gets you one star

Can you play db raging blast story mode with 2 players?

nope in every dragon ball game there is no 2 player story