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Not very well, considering that he turns around and rushes back to Bilbo with the intent to brutally murder him.
He becomes very mad, furious even, and suddenly very suspicious of Bilbo and what he's got in his pocketses. I might even dare to insinuate that Gollum was perhaps a bit frightened at the realization that he had lost his Ring after all of the years he'd had possession of it.

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Gollum/Smeagol (and his cousin Deagol) was one of the River Folk, which is pretty much a hobbit, though a different kind. Thus, he is small like Frodo and Sam. -sam-is-my-hero-

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Q: How does Gollum react when he couldn't find the ring in 'The Hobbit'?
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What does The Hobbit find in the cave?

Bilbo found both the ring and Gollum.

How does Bilbo help the dwarves in the goblin cave?

After Bilbo puts on the Ring and turns invisible, Gollum cannot find him, and thinks he has made his way towards the exit. Gollum heads to the exit and Bilbo follows him.

Are the Mines of Moria inhabited by orcs in 'The Hobbit'?

The cave is the home to goblins of the mountain that attack Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarves. Gollum also lives in the deepest part of the mountain, where he keeps the ring of power. Bilbo steals the ring and starts a riddle game with Gollum. He beats Gollum and escapes the caves and catches up with the dwarves. Gollum will later venture out of the cave to find Frodo and his precious.

In the Hobbit how does the ring help Bilbo Baggins?

The ring gave Gollum longer life. It transformed him physically. Gollum had been a hobbit but he became a creature who ate fish and lived in caves and dark places. It also transformed him mentally so that he could not live without the ring.

In 'The Hobbit' how did the company react to the loss of Bilbo?

They felt that he had been nothing but a bother and wondered why they had brought him along. Gandalf was ready to abandon the Dwarves to go and find him.

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In the book The Hobbit where did Bilbo find the ring?

In the goblin tunnels in the Misty mountains, farther down than even the goblins themselves liked to go. In this deep tunnel lived Gollum, the previous owner of The Ring. Gollum had dropped the ring, and that is how Bilbo came to chance upon it.

Why did Gandalf encourage the adventurers to hurry on their way in the hobbit?

Bilbo had put on his ring, so he was invisible. Gollum couldn't find him.

How did Bilbo escape from the cave in The Hobbit?

The Elves used to take him out for walks through the forest and let him climb on trees. One day he refused to come down. At the same time there was an Orc attack, and when the battle was over the Elves found Gollum's guards slain beneath the tree and Gollum gone.

How did gollum find out the shelob was a girl?

She laid eggs and had children. That is how he learned she was female.

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