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he says he will ask Hades if Charon can have a raise and he pays him with gold drachmas

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Q: How does Percy finally convince Charon to take them take into the elevator?
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How does Percy finally convice charon to take them into the elivator?

How does Percy finally convince Charon to allow them into the elevator ?Type your answer here...

Why did charon let Percy into the underworld?

percy bribed charon and promised to ask hades about a raise in his pay

Where did Percy meet charon?

Charon? You mean Chiron? Percy meets him in the beginning of " The Lightning Thief" He was Mr. Brummer in the begining and then he changes into this centaur.

What were the names of Percy Sledge's children?

Percy Sledge had three children: Percy Jr., Charon, and daughter Cora.

How was Percy planning on contacting Charon?

When Percy needs to talk with Chiron and he's not at CHB he Iris messages him.

How did Percy get into the Underworld?

He got rowed in by charon on the boat by faking he was dead. Lol

Why does the DOA security guard get annoyed with Percy?

because he mean

Where in thelightningtheif did Percy meet charon?

Percy first met Charion the teacher at school. He met Charion the centaur at Camp Half-Blood.

What did Charon want in the movie The Lightning Thief?

Charon was the ferry man so he wanted payment to take Percy, Annabeth, and Grover across the River Styx. They had to pay him in drachma.

What did Percy Annabeth and Grover do to make Charon think they were dead?

They did not make him believe they were dead. At first he thought they were dead when they told him that all three of them drowned on the bath tub. But then he found out they were Demigods, so Percy got into the Underworld by bribing Charon with money.

How do annabeth grover and Percy enter thr Underworld?

Annabeth, Grover, and Percy enter the Underworld by crossing the River Styx. They use the Golden Drachma given to Percy by Rachel Dare to pay Charon, the ferryman, for safe passage across the river.

How does Percy convince the guard that he need to see Zeus?

he threatens him with his sword riptide