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Q: How does the speaker extend these questions into a description of the lamb?
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What questions does the speaker ask in the first stanza of The Lamb by William Blake?

In "The Lamb" by William Blake, the speaker asks the lamb who made it and describes its gentle and trusting nature. The questions focus on the lamb's creator, its qualities, and its origins, emphasizing themes of innocence and the divine.

What two questions does the speaker ask at the beginning of the lamb?

Little Lamb, who made thee? Dost thou know who made thee?

What are the three characters in the Lamb poem How are they interrelated in the Lamb poem?

In the poem "The Lamb" by William Blake, the three characters are the speaker, the lamb, and the creator (symbolized as God). The speaker questions the lamb about its origins and existence, highlighting the relationship between the innocence of the lamb and the benevolent nature of the creator. Through this interrelation, the poem explores themes of innocence, creation, and divine love.

What does the speaker have in common with the lamb and the lamb's creator?

These lines from William Blake's poem, The Lamb contain the answer to your question. The speaker who addresses the lamb in the poem is a child, a human child, endowed with the gift of language, whereas the addresse, a lamb, is a non-human child, a dumb child. In these lines the speaker explores in his simple language of childhood innocence how the creator of the lamb who is also the creator of the child is both a child and a lamb. Christ Himself was referred to as "the Lamb of God", and the creator was born in the form of a human child: the babe in the manger. The creator is "meek" and "mild", and the speaker does have these features of "meekness" and 'mildness" in common with the lamb and its creator.

What emotions does blakes description of the lamb evoke in you?


Symbolic For a lamb poem Richard eberhart?

Innocence. Lambs are used to represent innocence. the dying lamb indicates that innocence has been destroyed. either the speaker has witnessed a child loose their innocence, or the speaker themselves has been violated. tone change in second verse indicates the speakers reflection. nobody will remember the lamb for the innocent, pretty plaited lamb, just for a putrid lamb on a slant hill.

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How old is the speaker in the poem the first tooth by Charles and Mary lamb?

The age of the speaker in "The First Tooth" by Charles and Mary Lamb is not explicitly stated in the poem. The speaker reflects on the loss of a child's first tooth and the passing of time, suggesting they are likely an adult looking back on their own childhood experiences.

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Who is the speaker in the poem The Lamb?

The speaking persona in the poem "The Lamb," by William Blake, is a man who is giving laud to the aforementioned creature and, in turn, to God for creating it (three minutes from the time this was posted).

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