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What is the fusion of these 3 yugioh cards red gadget green gadget yellow gadget

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Q: How good are Crystal beast decks?
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Which cards are in Jesse andersons deck in yu gi oh gx?

Jesse Anderson is known for being a user of the Crystal Beast series. In the anime, he uses a variety of Decks revolving, not just around the Crystal Beasts, but also the Sacred Beast monsters, and the Advanced Crystal Beast(anime-exclusive) monsters.For a list of cards in the different Decks that Jesse uses, click on the "Related Link" below.

What are good yu-gi-oh decks?

The best are dinosaur decks and dragon decks. P.S Dragon decks are better Dragon decks are the best. AKA: divine beast decks kill but 1 in a trillion use them.)

How do you make a destiny hero deck?

Yes you can as well as many other type of decks such as crystal beast, elemental hero, lightsworm and so on. Fun

How many crystal beast are you allowed to have for each crystal beast Yugioh deck?

You can have up to 3 copies of each card of the Crystal Beast series in your Deck. There is no limit to the amount of Crystal Beast cards you can have in a Deck.

Is rainbow dragon a crystal beast?

No. A 'Crystal Beast monster' is a monster with the words 'Crystal Beast' in the name. So any card that works on a 'Crystal Beast' card, will not work on Rainbow Dragon, even though it is undeniably related to crystal beasts.

What is the best crystal beast deck?

3x Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus 3x Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger 3x Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat 3x Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise 2x Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (good with Crystal Beacon, Crystal Promise, and Rainbow City) 2x Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (To reuse Pegasus) 1x Rainbow Dragon 1x Gravi-Crush Dragon (Good with Crystal Blessing) 1x Magna-Slash Dragon (Good with Crystal Blessing) 3x Crystal Abundance 2x Crystal Promise 3x Crystal Beacon 2x Crystal Release 2x Crystal Pair 1x MST 1x Dark Hole (Perfect with Beacon, Carbuncle and Promise) 1x Torrential Tribute (Perfect with Beacon, Carbuncle and Promise) 1x Fissure 3x Crystal Blessing (Good with Magna-Slash Dragon, Gravi-Crush Dragon, and Crystal Raigeki) 2x Crystal Raigeki 1x Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins 2x Crystal Tree (Perfect with Abundance and Rainbow City) 1x Rainbow Gravity (Perfect with Rainbow Dragon's second effect) TOTAL: 46

How do you beat crystal?

with an other crystal beast deck!

Is there a crystal beast fusion?


Will there be a crystal beast deck?

Yes there will be. you can buy the deck or cards. from the show Jesse Anderson has the crystal beast deck.

How do i make a good yugioh cyrstal beast deck?

This is my Crystal Beast Deck. ! Total cards: 45 Monsters: 22 1X Rainbow Dragon 1X Hamon, lord of striking thunder 3X Crystal Beast sapphire Pegasus 3X Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger 2X Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth 2X crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle 2X Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat 2X Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise 2X Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle 1X gravi-crush dragon 1X Marshmallon 1X Neo-spacian Grand mole 1X Dweller of the depths Spells: 18 3X Crystal Beacon 3X Crystal Blessing 2X Ancient City Rainbow Ruins 2X Crystal Promise 2X Crystal Abundance 1X Rare Value 1X Tera forming 1X Crystal Tree 1X Crystal Release 1X Lightning Vortex 1X Monster Reborn Traps: 5 1X torrential Tribute 1X Crystal Pair 1X Mirror Force 1X rainbow path 1X Magic Cylinder

Why is triggered summon good in the crystal beast deck?

Triggered Summon is used in the Crystal Beast decks for setting up for Crystal Abundance, Ruby Carbuncles effect for when she gets special summoned or Rainbow Dragon or just filling up your field. You can use it for Pegasus' effect too. Umm guess that's it, btw i use it in my CB/ rainbow dragon deck and I've lost about 2 times and got Rainbow Dragon out about 7 times so far using triggered to help;

A crystal beast deck for devack in tag force 4?

get the card called joke of doom the trade it with jhon the he will give you a crystal beast deck

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