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Q: How is Farrah Faucett?
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Who were the 3 original angels?

Farrah Faucett, Jacklyn Smith And Kate Jackson (R.I.P.-Farrah)

What day did Farrah Faucett die?

June 25 2009

What 4 famous people died in the past week and a half?

Micheal Jackson, Patrick schwazy, ed mcmahn , farrah faucett

Who is the actress in the Suave Shampoo commercial on TNT during the morning hours?

farrah faucett

Did Ryan oneal ever marry farrah faucett?

Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett were never married. They have a son together.

When did Faucett Perú end?

Faucett Perú ended in 1999.

How tall is Kate Faucett?

Kate Faucett is 5' 4".

When was Greg Faucett born?

Greg Faucett was born in 1955.

When was Faucett Perú created?

Faucett Perú was created on 1928-09-15.

What nicknames does Farrah Abraham go by?

Farrah Abraham goes by Backdoor Farrah.

Is Stephen Faucett Hot?

Yes!!! I like him so much!!!

What has the author Bill F Faucett written?

Bill F. Faucett has written: 'George Whitefield Chadwick : the life and music of the pride of New England' -- subject(s): Composers, Biography