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Katniss trains before The Hunger Games by learning survival skills such as making fire, shelter, how to find food, etc. Although she already knows how to use a bow and arrow, she does not practice using it at the Capitol.

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Q: How is katiss preparing for her survival of the Hunger Games?
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What minecraft Hunger Games server allow you to drop items? Its a server for everything, survival, parkour, and hunger games!

How is bred used for survival in the hunger games?

bread is used for survival because they eat it when they run out of food

What kind of book is hunger games?

Fiction/Survival/Young Adult

What are the rules of survival in The Hunger Games?

Mostly water. Hope this helped

How is Haymitch Abernathy from The Hunger Games violent?

He is violent because he himself was in the Hunger Games and had to fight to stay alive and win. He killed other people for his survival.

How do the composer use different mediums to represent survival in the hunger games?

my left nut

Where do the tributes of the Hunger Games go after the reaping?

they go to the capital city, where they get groomed and trained for the upcoming hunger games. then, they are lifted into an arena, where they have to fight for survival. sources: watched the movie

How might gales arrow in the loaf of bread be significant in the hunger games?

the hunger games is based on a survival trough several different nights with wepons like swords and bownarrows so gales arrow in the loaf of bread is sinificant to the hunger games

What does the squirrels represent in The Hunger Games?

Food, for Katniss and Gale's families. A sign of survival, I guess.

What does sustenance means in the hunger games books?

Required items for survival. Mainly food.

What is the launch room in the Hunger Games?

The Launch Room is a set of rooms used for preparing a tribute before they are entered into the arena.

Does The Hunger Games have a real game?

Yes, on and in certain stores, you can purchase The Hunger Games: Survival Stradgety Game. The last time I checked, on Amazon, it is about $150.00. Hope this helps! Trust point me? Thanks :)