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Q: How long was sofia kovalevskaya lifespan?
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What is Sofia Kovalevskaya's birthday?

Sofia Kovalevskaya was born on January 15, 1850.

When was Sofia Kovalevskaya born?

Sofia Kovalevskaya was born on January 15, 1850.

Where was Sofia Kovalevskaya born?

Sofia Kovalevskaya was born in Moscow, Russian Empire

How old is Sofia Kovalevskaya?

Sofia Kovalevskaya was born on January 15, 1850 and died on February 10, 1891. Sofia Kovalevskaya would have been 41 years old at the time of death or 165 years old today.

What is 3 contributions Sofia Kovalevskaya is to mathematics?

how did or does Sofia Kovalevskaia contribution to math

Does sofia kovalevskaya have siblings?

Yes, she was the middle child.

What awards did Sofia Kovalevskaya get?

First women to go to the University of Heidelberg

How did Sophia kovalevskaya die?

Sofia Kovalevskaya died on February 10, 1891 at the age of 41.

Who developed the theory for an unsymmetrical body where the center of its mass is not on an axis in the body?

Sofia Kovalevskaya

How did Sofia Kovalevskaya die?

i don't really know how she died I'm just bored

What is some of Sofia Kovalevskaya discoveries?

She wrote 3 papers on Saturns rings, partital equations and intergals

What did Sofia kovalevskaya did in math?

She is probably best known for her work on partial differential equations. Her paper on the subject contains what is now known as the Cauchy–Kovalevskaya theorem, which gives conditions under which a certain class of those equations does have solutions.For her doctorate she also presented papers, at the University of Göttingen, on the dynamics of Saturn's rings and on elliptic integrals.