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As of the latest update the max level is 40, this was released for IOS on 25 Nov 2011 and Android on 13 Dec 2011. This may increase with future updates.

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How many alltogether in. Smurfs

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Q: How many level does smurfs village have?
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What level do you get the rest of the village in Smurfs' Village?


How can you build a boat in smurfs village?

I think that you get a boat for Free at level 19.

What level of smurfs' village do you get the pier for the boat?

Around level 18 ish you will just unlock it and it will appear on your beach

How do you get to level 7 on The Smurfs' Village?

You have to keep gettin points by baking and the potions. And also farming.

Is there higher level than 40 in Smurfs' Village?

Yes, there are 49 levels. Good luck!

How do you hack smurfs for smurfberries?

How to git smurfberries in smurfs village

How many xp in Smurfs' Village you need have for level up?

I really don't know, I've been trying to figure out but it seems it goes up by thousands, and gets higher with each level

Where is the bin in smurfs village?

in there houses

How do you get your boat in smurfs village?

build it

Is grandpa smurf in smurfs village to?


Can you get Smurfs' Village on a blackberry?


How do you get loads of money on smurfs village?