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Q: How many times was Doyle buried and why?
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How many times has Lincoln been buried?

11 if I remember correctly

How many f words are in the movie buried?

The f word and its derivatives are used 40 times throughout Buried (2010).

How many pages does The Wrong Doyle have?

The Wrong Doyle has 337 pages.

How many people was burid in one hole at the Egyptian times when they were poor?

The amount of people that were buried in one hole at the Egyptian times when they were poor is not stated. It is stated that the rich people in the Egyptian times were buried in burial chambers.

Where is Sherlock Holmes creator buried?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930 and is buried in the churchyard at Minstead, Hampshire, England, with his second wife, Jean (nee Leckie). He had been buried in the rose garden of his home "Windlesham", in Crowborough, Sussex.

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Various sources I looked up listed anywhere from three dozen (36) to 50 times.

Who was sir Arthur Conan Doyle's assistant?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's assistant for 40 years was Major Alfred Wood who wrote many of the Conan Doyle manuscripts. Sometimes Conan Doyle himself or others would write them, but I do not believe they were ever typewritten.