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1 dollar

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Between 75.00-150. in working condition.

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Two hundred dollars

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Q: How much is a Walt Disney commemorative official 50th anniversary mickey mouse watch worth?
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What are the release dates for Disney 411 - 2004 Mickey's 75th Anniversary?

Disney 411 - 2004 Mickey's 75th Anniversary was released on: USA: 2 June 2004

Can I find any Disney quotes from Mickey Mouse if I Google the term?

Although Disney is copyrighted by entering Mickey Mouse Quotes into the search engine you will be directed to the official Disney website along with a number of other websites dedicated to Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Who is the official mascot of Disney's Environmentality program?

For Walt Disney World, people use Cinderella Castle as it's icon. For Disney itself, people tend to use Mickey Mouse or Mickey Mouse ears.

How much does the Disney Mickey 60 years with you commemorative silver proof coin sell for?

About $50, assuming you have the original case and certificate of authenticity.

Who led the first official visitor into the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 1971?

Mickey Mouse

When was Mickey Mouse first created?

Mickey Mouse first official appearance was in the Disney production named Steamboat Willy, 1930. He did appear prior to that in Plane Crazy, however, he wasn't known as Mickey then

Where online can I purchase vintage micky mouse toys?

From the Official Mickey Mouse toy store ( you can find a great variety of toys, all related to the Disney stories of Mickey and his friends.

Why is that Mickey Mouse symbolized the Walt Disney Company?

Mickey was the first chrecter that disney created

Who created Mickey Mouse 1928?

His name was Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse.

Who designed mickey?

Walt Disney designed Mickey Mouse.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show - 1968?

The Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show - 1968 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S Sweden:Btl

Why is Mickey Mouse is important?

Mickey Mouse is important because he was the first cartoon that Walt Disney made. So whenever you see anything to do with Disney, it will ALWAYS have the Mickey Mouse face on it!