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Q: How much land did the freedman's bureau actually distribute?
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How were slaves helped from the freedmans bureau?

They were given some land and schooling to help establish a place in their community.

What was main purpose of freedmans bureau?

The Freedmen's Bureau provided food, housing and medical aid, established schools and offered legal assistance. It also attempted to settle former slaves on land confiscated or abandoned during the war.

What does BLM stand for?

bureau land managementBLM stands for Bureau of Land Management, an office within the U.S. Department of the Interior.

When was Bureau of Land Management created?

Bureau of Land Management was created in 1946.

What is the budget of Bureau of Land Management?

The budget of Bureau of Land Management is 960,000,000 dollars.

What did the Egyptians invent that helped them distribute water among the land?

They invented the "shadouf" to help them distribute water across the land.

What do BLM's do?

Bureau of land management

How do pagan distribute land?

The same as everyone else

What is the acronym for the Bureau of Land Management?


What has the author Eugene D Hart written?

Eugene D. Hart has written: 'The field organization of the Bureau of Land Management / by Eugene D. Hart' -- subject(s): U. S. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, United States. $b Bureau of Land Management

Why is it important for the Bureau of Land Management to have current land use plans in place?

It is important for the Bureau of Land Management to have the current land use plans in place to maximize its productivity. When the productivity is maximized the profits are maximized as well.

Where is it legal to shoot firearms on Bureau of land management land?

You have to contact BLM to find out.