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None. However, he skimmed 75%+ from ALL donations so he could pay his "BUDDIES". The lazy Jew figured it all out. So did everybody else eventually. That is why the big stars never came on his show and the ones who did only came once. They were duped into appearing for free (oops, they go a free lunch and a drink) while feeling their need to help.

Adios you free loading fraud.

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Q: How much money does jerry Lewis get from muscular dystrophy?
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What desease does the jerry Lewis telethon raise money for?

The Jerry Lewis Telethon has been raising money for Muscular Dystrophy since 1966.

How much does money does Jerry Lewis make for hosting the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon each year?

Nothing, and that is his donation to the cause

Why did jerry Lewis raise money for muscular dystrophy disease?

When in high school, Jerry Lewis would clown around for his fellow students by immitating the shakey walk of another student who was suffering from muscular dystrophy. One day, unaware to Jerry, that student was in the same room when he was clowning around like that. When Jerry caught his eyes, he realized the hurt he was inflicting on him, and vowed never to carry on like that again. With success in show business, Jerry vowed to contribute to research on muscular dystrophy, and, hence, the annual telethon.

How much money is spent on muscular dystrophy?

78 million dollars 78 million dollars

How much government money is spent yearly on muscular dystrophy research?

i dont think its much

Did Jerry Lewis steal money from ms?

Do you mean did he steal from MD? The short answer is probably he did steal but there is no direct evidence. My refrigerator light probably goes out when I shut the door but I have no direct evidence of that, either. Here is the indirect evidence: 1) Jerry Lewis is a raging narcissist. Narcissistic personality types naturally take advantage of situations whenever they can and shy away from situation where there is nothing in it for them. 2) Jerry Lewis is immoral and corrupt. How do you define immoral? Jerry Lewis has an out-of-wedlock adult female child who looks like Jerry Lewis in drag. You can see a video of her on YouTube mimicking the Jerry Lewis typewriter routine. Jerry Lewis denies this woman is his child. 3) Jerry Lewis is an Ashkenasi Jew. The Jews' most holy book is the Talmud, which makes it a virtual obligation to lie, cheat and steal. For more information look up select English translations of the Jewish Talmud. 4) After a telethon, Jerry Lewis came through airport security with a carry on bag. Lewis through a big fit over it being checked. When the bag was opened, it was found to be stuffed of currency. 5) Jerry Lewis openly admits he never donated his own money to Muscular Dystrophy. For a person so concerned for a particular cause, I also find this suspicious.

How much money does Jerry Lewis make doing telethon?


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In an original play the song whole Lotta shaking going on is on the radio and a character will be mimicking Jerry Lee Lewis moves to impress some ladies had a party Do I need to permission?

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What does Jerry Lewis earn to do the telethon?

In 1952, a staff member from the 'Colgate Comedy Hour' pleaded with Mr. Lewis to host fund-raising shows, which came to be broadcasted from a variety of locations in New York City in 1954. After he'd hosted MANY four-hour shows, the MDA asked Mr. Lewis to host a 'telethon', and he agreed.

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