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Here are the numbers of commons/rares, etc.

Pack Commons: 136

Pack Rares: 26

Pack Secret Rares: 15

Pack Ultra Rares: 2

Pack Ultimate Rares: 2

Pack Secret Rares: 1

Deck Commons: 44

Deck Super Rares: 2

Deck Ultra Rares: 0

Tin Secret Rares: 2)

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Q: How much should you sell 200 plus Yu-Gi-Oh cards for?
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What is the new yu gi oh sweepstakes?

if u mean the "duel to ruel" sweepstakes than you get a trip for 4 to the yugioh nationals and duel with the finalist and you get all the yugioh cards released in 2010 plus an uncut sheet of cards

Yugioh yubel card value?

$2.50 + $0.74 is the value of the Yugioh yubel card plus shipping.

Is Pokemon better than yugio?

Both are good cards so both are better.Depends on your interests, if you like animals and fighting plus an alternative world then Pokemon is for you

Were is the next yugioh world tournament 2009 be located at?

red deer Alberta at the westner grounds top prize 10,000 dollars cash plus 10 ultra rare cards red deer Alberta at the westner grounds top prize 10,000 dollars cash plus 10 ultra rare cards

How much should you pay to build a deck?

Well, considering that most currently used cards are usually Ultra, Secret, or Ghost rare, it usually takes about 35-50$ to create a decent deck. Of course, eBAY is always an option, but I prefer buying the cards from stores, because it takes so long to get yugioh cards shipped to you. :(. And one of the most hard-to-find yugioh cards is also one of the best. Dark Armed Dragon cards can be priced at over 200$, even on eBAY. Good Luck, and make sure you have a full wallet. :)

Is yugioh math?

yes yugioh is math it includes adding, subtracting, multiplying and, even dividing if you ask me i would say it is one of the best math games plus it teaches you a lot of things

Should i give a gift to my friends to say thank you for coming to my party?

No you don't have to give a gift.Thank you cards are more generally accepted. Plus it's way cheaper. ------------------------ Thank you very much .

Where do you buy yu-gi-oh cards?

You can buy them in toy shops. Most of them can be found near the pay-desk. But on some newspaper shops sell them too, but in littler amounts. (and more expencive) Yugioh-cards are also sold on the internet.

Can anyone give a code in c Plus plus programming for shuffling a deck of cards like in Yugioh or Pokemon card games for random card draws?

There's not a code for that in Yu-Gi-Oh, but there is a Continuous Spell card called "Card Shuffle", which allows you to shuffle your deck once per turn in exchange for 300 Life Points.

I can't find the yugioh 5ds episode 36 plus in English anywhere can someone help me?

lumistar 29 on youtube

What should the price be if you were to sell 175 Pokemon cards all in excellent codition plus 9 extra pages for cards and a folder?

1. Depending on the type of cards they could range from anywhere upwards of $1002.I would think anywhere from $60 to $90 depending on the cards.

How many cards are in a deck of cards?

52 playing cards plus 2 jokers, 54 in total.