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Around 14

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Q: How old is Lauren westphalen?
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When was Jenny von Westphalen born?

Jenny von Westphalen was born in 1814.

How old was Lauren Bacall in the moive To have and have not?

Lauren Bacall was twenty years old .

How old is Lauren cimorelli right now?

Lauren Cohan is 33 years old (birthdate: January 7, 1982).

How old is Lauren Mitchell?

Australian gymnast Lauren Mitchell is 25 years old (born July 23, 1991).

How old is Lauren Lee Smith?

Lauren Lee Smith is 37 years old (birthdate: June 19, 1980).

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What is Lauren Westphalen's picture?

It's good

Is Lauren Westphalen pregnant and Greyson Chance is the dad of Lauren's baby?

I think she's not she was just pretending

Who was greyson chance's first girlfriend?

Lauren Westphalen AKA My best friend (:

Who is greyson chance first kiss?

lauren westphalen is his first kiss........i think lauren cant forget greyson chance

Is greyson chance dating?

He actually dated Lauren Westphalen on 2010 but they broke up and now he doesnt have one.

Who is Greyson Michael Chance's girlfriend?

He had a girlfriend named Lauren Westphalen but that was BEFORE. He says he can date a fan. Btw if you look and read what's on his piano, the random words you can find LAUREN on it. i don't know if there are three. Her tweeter account is @lala_westphalen . GC's is @greysonchance. Mine is @purplSkyscraper

Why is the name Lauren on Greyson Chance's piano?

Because he dated a girl named Lauren Westphalen from his home town Edmond Oklahoma. But she broke his heart but they have managed to stay friends. He has Lauren's name on there in 3 different spots.

What is greyson and Laurens story?

Lauren Westphalen is Greyson Chance's ex girlfriend . Greyson love her so much but she cheated on him. Lauren's name is on Greyson's piano because he don't want to forget what Lauren did to him. Now, Lauren's boyfriend is a dude named Corbin.

How tall is Matt Westphalen?

Matt Westphalen is 6'.

What is the population of Frederico Westphalen?

Frederico Westphalen's population is 26,716.

When was Marc Westphalen born?

Marc Westphalen was born in 1977.

When was Jenny von Westphalen born?

Jenny von Westphalen was born in 1814.