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NBA point guard Shaun Livingston is 31 years old (birthdate: September 11, 1985).

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Q: How old is Shaun Livingston?
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What is Shaun Livingston's birthday?

Shaun Livingston was born on September 11, 1985.

When was Shaun Livingston born?

Shaun Livingston was born on September 11, 1985.

How tall is Shaun Livingston?

NBA player Shaun Livingston is 6'-07''.

What NBA team does Shaun Livingston play for?

Shaun Livingston plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

What is Shaun Livingston's number on the Brooklyn Nets?

Shaun Livingston is number 14 on the Brooklyn Nets.

How much does Shaun Livingston weigh?

NBA player Shaun Livingston weighs 175 pounds.

Who is the tallest point guard?

shaun livingston 6'7"

Who is a 6'7'' point guard in NBA?

shaun livingston okc thunder

How old is Shaun Sloan?

Shaun Sloan Is 13 Years Old

How old did Sam livingston get?

Sam Livingston lived till he was 107 years old.

How old is Ron Livingston?

Ron Livingston is 50 years old (birthdate: June 5, 1967).

How old is Randy Livingston?

Randy Livingston is 36 years old (birthdate: April 2, 1975).