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Victoria Zdrok is 41 years old (birthdate: March 3, 1973).

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Q: How old is Victoria Zdrok?
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How tall is Victoria Zdrok?

Victoria Zdrok is 5' 9".

What is Victoria Zdrok's birthday?

Victoria Zdrok was born on March 3, 1973.

What is the birth name of Victoria Zdrok?

Victoria Zdrok's birth name is Victoria Nika Zelenetskaya.

When was Victoria Zdrok born?

Victoria Zdrok was born on March 3, 1973 in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union.

Who is the blonde Russian sex therapist on Fox News channel?

Victoria Zdrok

What has the author Victoria Alexandrovna Zdrok written?

Victoria Alexandrovna Zdrok has written: 'Dr. Z on scoring' -- subject(s): Sexual behavior, Man-woman relationships, Interpersonal attraction, Intimacy (Psychology), Men, Handbooks, manuals, Sex

What does a Dr Z Enhancer do?

Dr. Z enhancer is a ring that fits on an erected penis that was created by Dr. Victoria Zdrok, J.D., Ph.D., a psychologist and sexologist. The goal for using it would be to enhance stimulation for the woman during sexual intercourse.

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