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Not too old but still quite young.

In her mid 30's ?

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Q: How old is dj boonie?
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Is DJ Boonie a girl?

no dj boonie is a guy nd gurl at sertain times in songs

Who is dj boonie?

Dj Boonie is apparently a "DJ" but all he does is speed up songs in windows live movie maker. Anyone can do that, and call themselves a dj :\

What are some songs by DJ Boonie?

Some of the songs that were song by DJ Boonie are Broken Hearted, Coming for You, Just an Old Boyfriend, Concrete Angel, Daddy's Little Girl, Heaven. The lyrics for those songs can be found at elyrics website.

Has dj boonie got a album?

not currently, but she should have shes so brilliant!

What is DJ boonie name?

whatis dj boonies name Dj boonies name is Robert Barneveld and the female vocalist is called Sarah Grintock

Is there a song about missingabout being hurt by the person you lovewho is awaybut he could be right by your side?

try something by dj boonie or faith evans

How old is dj?

How old is DJ

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First make sure your Boonie is level 3 or higher. Then The speach bubble with the picture of the dog at the bottom, click it then click on your boonie then a mini shop will come up with boonie clothes!

How old is dj blend in 2012?

real answer : dj blend in 2012 will be 18 years old. started his career as a dj : 14 years old.

How do you dress you Boonie on Movie star planet?

You just click on the dog picture on the left speech bubble pick on the boonie it needs to be level 3 there should be a dress click on it buy clothes put it on the boonie it needs to be a boonie have fun

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