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Train it

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Q: How to get my Infernape level 100 in Pokemon indigo?
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What is level 100 Pokemon indigo room?

There's no room that has level 100 Pokemon.

How do you get level 100 Pokemon in pk indigo?

Train it

What are level 100 Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

Anything you want after you train it.

How do you get a level 100 in Pokemon indigo?

Just train a lot...

What level does elctebuzz evolve to on Pokemon indigo?

at lv. 100

How do you get arcius lvl 10000000 on Pokemon indigo?

the highest level you can get a Pokemon is level 100. good luck getting a Pokemon to level 10000000

Rate your team level 100 lapras level 100 dialga level 100 Glaceon level 50 castform level 70 Infernape level fifty staraptor?

It is awsome! If you're planning on beating Pokemon League, then it is perfect! For Arron you can use your Staraptor or Infernape, for Bertha you can use Lapras and Glaceon, for Flint you can use Lapras and Infernape if it knows Dig, and for Lucian you can use any Pokemon that know dark type moves.

How do you level up your Pokemon up to level 100 in Pokemon indigo?

I say just keep battling weak pokemon or normal ones

Where can you catch a Zekrom in Pokemon indigo?

First you must train your Pokemon to level 100 and put it on the trade center and wait until somebody trades your Pokemon for a level 100

How do you get Jirachiin Pokemon indigo?

you cant get one but im selling level 100 pokemon. my account is Dawnfan

Can you catch a level 100 on Pokemon indigo?

no. the games have never made a place to get lv. 100. they can only be borrowed in the pokemon battle frontier. or level your pokemon up. hope this helped!

How do you get shiny lv 100 Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

theres a pokemon indigo?\!