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No one cares about hello kitty! So, shut up and get a life.

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Your mom did

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Q: How was hello kitty made?
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What county is hello kitty made from?

Hello Kitty was made in Japan but she was born in London, England. It said on my hello kitty cards :D

How did the person who made hello kitty find her name?

kitty hello

When was hello kitty introduce?

hello kitty was made in introduced in 2006 now get a life stop caring about hello kitty

Did she make hello kitty?

"She" didn't make Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty was made on November 1, 1972 by a company referred to as Sanrio. For more information, look at answer for- "What use does hello kitty have to the world and the company that made her?"

Who made Hello Kittey?

Hello Kitty was made by Ikuko Shimizu on 11/1/1974. She was almost named "White Kitty" but her name then changed to "Kitty White". Because of a mistranslation she became known as "Hello Kitty".

Where is hello kitty made?

In Japan

What is Hello Kitty's catchphrase?

Her last name isn't hello it's kitty she was made by a girl she's not a cat she is a girl that has mouth cancer that's why she have no mouth

Who is the maker of hello kitty?

the maker of hello kitty is actually two people. Mr. Kitty and Mrs. Kitty. if you're looking for how she was made, then ask your mama and papa.

How can you make Hello Kitty Christmas ornaments?

Hello Kitty Christmas ornaments can be made different ways. One is to find stickers or pictures of Hello Kitty and glue them onto a round ornament. Another is to draw Hello Kitty on the orb.

Why did they made hello kitty?

To make money

Where was hello kitty made?

Kitty was created in Japan by a company called Sanrio.

What is the Chinese girl's name that invented hello kitty?

What is the Chinese girls name that invented hello kitty