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Q: In Pokemon where there any episode where ash kissed may?
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What episodes does ash kiss a girl?

There is no episode in which Ash has kissed a girl because he has never kissed a girl in any episode of Pok

Does ash kiss may in episode?

Ash has never kissed May in any Pokémon episode. There's a rumor that he kissed her in a banned episode, but it was false.

Real Pokemon episode that dawn and ash kissed?

one day at the last episode of Pokemon dawn accidentally fell and ash caught her and ash looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss ash kissed her for 10 seconds after ash kissed dawn then dawn kissed ash for 10 seconds after that long kiss they both fell in love! PS:well they are both are on a cliff PS:THIS MY OWN STORY! PS:it was a windy day PS:they are looking at their badges

What episodes of Pokemon does ash get kissed?

Ash doesn't get any kisses in episodes but he does get kissed a couple times in a couple of movies though.

Is it possible to see the episode of Pokemon when ash and misty kiss?

they never kissed just find out in boomerang

In Pokemon does ash kiss misty?

The only person has ever kissed in the Pokemon series is Serena and that is it, though ash and may did kiss once in an episode called A kiss under the mistletoe which got banned and was NA unaired in Japan and the US

What episode did Ash and Dan kiss?

Ash has never kissed a girl, or Dawn.

Did Ash and Misty kiss in any Pokemon episode?


Did ash and may kissed?

Yes he did it was a battle frontier episode but parents didn't want to see their kids watch people in Pokemon kissing and the creators of the show didn't want to delete it so they replaced it with the shuppet episode

Is the episode when ash and misty kissed banned does misty and ash kiss?

that never happened

Did Ash in Pokemon kiss any gym leader besides Misty in the anime?

Ash never kissed any gym leader, and that includes Misty.

Which Japanese episode did ash kiss may?

I'm not sure if Ash kissed anyone in Pokemon, but he got kissed by other people, a girl called Melody in Pokemon the movie 2 and Bianca kissed Ash in Pokemon the fifth movie.Im an advaceshippier I hope to see Ash kiss May, but I don't think he will. Hi everybody! I HAD TO MAKE THE LANGUAGE CAPITALIZATION AND PUNCTUATION FOR THE OTHER PERSON, SO I DESERVE ALOT OF THE CREDIT HERE.