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The Hobbit tells us that the door was green, with a brass knob in the middle.

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His door is green.

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Q: In the Lord of the Rings what colour is Bilbo's door?
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Where is the door in the hall of records in West Moria on lord of the rings the third age?

It's in the west Dwarrowdelf

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You probably mean the Paths of the Dead while the entrance was called the Dark Door or the Gate of the Dead, but you could also be referring to Moria (Khazad-Dum).

What is the elvish word for friendship?

Elvish word for friend is mellon.

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Type the word "mellon" when prompted by the gate. This is the elvish word for friend, and the word that Gandalf says to open the door in the Lord of the Rings movie. The entire stage is a reference to this scene.

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