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Place of Birth: Mission Hills, CA

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Q: Is George Lopez From Oaxaca
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What is George Lopez's real name?

George Lopez is his real name.

Is George Lopez Mario Lopez's dad?

George Lopez is NOT Mario Lopez's father.

Is George Lopez single?

No, George Lopez is not single.

What are the names of George Lopez's parents?

The names of George Lopez's parents are Jorge Lopez and Andrea Lopez.

What is George Lopez's daughter's name?

Her name is Mayan Lopez, she is the daughter of George and Ann Lopez.

What is George Lopez legal name?

George Edward Lopez

Is George Lopez cool?

Yes George Lopez is cool

Does George Lopez Have A Girlfriend?

No,George Lopez doesn't have a girlfriend.

What is George Lopez's full name?

George Lopez lol

What is George Lopez's full name?

George Lopez lol

What is the name of the George Lopez the show finale?

George. Lopez

What is George Lopez's birthday?

George Lopez was born on April 23, 1961.