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Lucario is very commonly used, it is fast and versatile, it can learn Ice, Thunder and Fire Punch from the move tutors, as well as moves like Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere by levelling up. It is frail towards the things it is weak to, like a 2x weakness to fire and 4x against ground.

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Q: Is Lucario worth the training on pokemon black 2?
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How do you get Lucario in Pokemon shadows of almia?

I don't think you can, but there is an AR code that will turn your partner Pokemon into a lucario. *Make sure that your partner Pokemon is a Pokemon that you don't like, because it will overwrite it!!* 120BAEA4 000000F1 I can't guarantee it will work, but it's worth a try.

Which Pokemon hatches from the egg given by riley?

I believe its a Riolu. To evolve it into a Lucario you have to level it up with high friendship. Trust me it's worth it.

Is training slakoth worth it on ruby?

Yes it evolves to slaking which is a super powerful pokemon.

What is in Riley's egg in Pokemon diamond for DS?

the very very very rare rilou, it evolves into lucario when happy (Different person): I didn't know Rilou/Lucario is THAT rare. I thought it was about 6/10 rare. :S. Anyone know how to get a Chansey? Whats its first form?

Is there any Pokemon cards worth 100 dollars?

black pikachu.

How much is a used Pokemon LeafGreen worth?

Pokemon Leaf Green is a game for the Gameboy Advanced system. A used copy is worth around thirty US dollars.

How do you build a good Pokemon pearl team quickly or what good Pokemon are available soon after you start the game that are worth training throughout the quest?

you can't build Pokemon but you can make them evolve.rare Pokemon can't evolve exsept eevee.

Is Pokemon black 2 and white 2 worth it?

i do not know the difference but i heard you can catch the kyurem forms of rusharam and zecrom so yes it is worth it

What Pokemon can learn solarbeam Pokemon emerald?

all grass pokemon and some other type pokemon like groudon. thats if uses TM. if you mean learn solarbeam by leveling than its groudon. grass type is weak so not worth training just to get solarbeam

who offers phlebotomist training in ft worth, texas?

LabCorp Fort Worth, TX offers paid training.

Is it worth it to buy a Japanese version Not ROM of Pokemon Black if I'm American?

No, just get a flashcart instead. Flashcarts allow you play any DS games for free by downloading ROMs. The Pokemon Black Japanese ROM will be online when the game is released.

What level does dino evolve in Pokemon black?

Deino evolves into Zweilious at level 50 and Hydreigon at level 64. Kinda hard to do but worth it!