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Matt and Amy

It is unknown whether Matt and Amy are still on talking terms.

Amy and Matt are now on speaking terms and still friends. It says so on Matt Hardy's Myspace

Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas was once a couple. Following Duma's cheating on Hardy with long time friend they however broke up.

Amy Dumas ( Lita ) is now dating WWE superstar CM Punk ! That rubs it straight in Matt and Jeff's faces :(

Amy cheated on Matt with his best friend at the time and WWE superstar Edge real name Adam Copeland. x

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Yes, Amy Dumas is still friends with Jeff Hardy . She is also friends with Matt Hardy .

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Matt Hardy is currently single!! AMEN!!!!

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Q: Is Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas still together?
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Are Matt hardy and Amy dumas back together?

No. But they have reconciled as friends, and are on friendly speaking terms again.

Are Matt and Amy really together?

Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas was once a couple. Following Duma's cheating on Hardy with long time friend they however broke up.

Is edge married to Lisa still?

no they got divorced when he cheated on her with Amy Dumas (Lita), Matt Hardy's girlfriend at the time.

When did lita and Matt hardy break up?

The feud between Matt and Jeff hardy began at the 2009 royal rumble where Matt cost his younger brother Jeff the world title when he helped Edge beat Jeff. This started the feud between the two brothers. They split up and they had a extreme rules match in wrestlemania 25 where Matt beat Jeff.

Does Amy dumas and Jeff hardy dated?

Amy dated Matt not Jeff

Is Matt Hardy dating Amy Dumas again On her MySpace its says their together but it could be a poser?

It's probally just a romor.People sometimes pretend to be someone else on sites like myspace,they think it's cool.Unless Matt Hardy or Amy Dumas tells you this themself and face to faceface,it's probally not true.

Did Matt Hardy kissed kelly kelly?

No. They only People Matt Hardy Has Ever Kissed Is His Previous Girlfriends: Amy Dumas(Lita), Ashley Massaro, And Lori.

Who was the girl that wrestled with Matt and Jeff Hardy?

Amy Dumas, better known as Lita, was the woman who teamed up with Matt and Jeff Hardy around mid 2000.

Are Matt hardy and Jeff hardy together again?


Matt hardy and lita together?


What really happened between Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas?

Matt Hardy was in a six year relationship with former WWE Diva Amy Dumas, known by the ring name " Lita ". They first met in January 1999, at a NWA Mid-Atlantic show, but did not begin dating until a few months later. They used to share a home in North Carolina. The couple broke up when she had an affair with one of Hardy's close friends, fellow WWE wrestler Adam " Edge " Copeland in February 2005. Hardy has stated in interviews that he and Dumas have since patched things up, and he still considers her a close friend.