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Queen Elizabeth II is not. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was.

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Why not, I do not understand the answer
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why is she nit a dowager
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why is she not a dowager

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Q: Is Queen Elizabeth a dowager queen?
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Did Queen Elizabeth live with Queen Dowager Catherine?

Yes, she did. After an incident with Thomas Seymour.

Who was the Queen Mother?

HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (nee' Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) (1900-2002) was the Queen consort of King George VI and the mother of the current Queen regnant Elizabeth II. She was one of the longest lived British Royals. And although a Dowager Queen, she was one of the most well liked by the press and the British people. This is not an opinion but fact and this has been noted through-out history.

Who was Known as the Dowager Queen at the time of King Henry VIII?

No one was known as the Dowager Queen when Henry VIII was King. His mother died before his father, so there was nobody who could have been dowager Queen

Is Queen Elizabeth Canada' queen?

No. Queen Elizabeth II is the English queen

When was Queen Elizabeth queen?

Queen Elizabeth I was crowned in 1559, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953.

When did Queen Elizabeth's die?

When did Queen Elizabeth Die?

What is the difference between Queen Elizabeth I and The Queen Mother?

Regnal numbers, I II, IV etc are only applied to the Monarch. If the Monarch's spouse is a female then she automatically becomes Queen Consort. Hence: Queen Elizabeth I, followed by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Consort and then Queen Elizabeth II. When Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne Queen Elizabeth became Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother a title afforded to her by Queen Elizabeth II

What were Queen Elizabeth 1st nicknames?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth does not have nicknames.

Is the queen always the Sovereign?

The queen Regnant is a reigning Sovereign in her own right. A queen Consort is the wife of a Sovereign. A queen Dowager or Queen Mother is the widow of a deceased Sovereign.

How is the queen related to queen mother?

H.M Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) was the mother of H.M Queen Elizabeth II.

Was Queen Elisabeth I the mother of Queen Elisabeth II?

Because there have been two Queen Elizabeth's you need to be clear about which one is meant when you just say "Queen Elizabeth". The current Queen Elizabeth is Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth I was queen from 1558 to 1603.

How is the queen mum related to Queen Elizabeth?

The Queen Mother was Queen Elizabeth II's mother.