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"The Search for Santa Paws" is rated 'G'.

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Q: Is Santa Paws PG or G?
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Santa paws books in order?

1. Santa Paws2. Santa Paws Returns3. Santa Paws To The Rescue4.Santa Paws, Come Home5. Santa Paws, Our Hero6. Santa Paws and the New Puppy7. Santa Paws Saves the Day8. Santa Paws and the Christmas Storm9. Santa Paws On Christmas Island

Is Santa paws real?

No, Santa Paws is not real. He is just a dog starring in the movie, Santa paws.

Who are the characters names in Santa paws?

santa paws

What is the duration of The Search for Santa Paws?

The duration of The Search for Santa Paws is 1.48 hours.

Was Kaitlyn Maher in the movie Santa Paws?

Yes Kaitlan Maher was in Santa Paws

When was The Search for Santa Paws created?

The Search for Santa Paws was created on 2010-11-23.

What kind of dog is puppy paws in santa buddies?

The dog Puppy Paws and his "dad" Santa Paws are Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs.

Who plays puppy paws in santa paws?

Zachary Gordon. He plays the voice and/or role of puppy paws in the disney movie "Santa Buddies".

What did Santa Claus name his puppy?

santa paws

What are the release dates for Santa Paws - 2011 SUSPENDED?

Santa Paws - 2011 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2011

What is Santa Claus's dog called?

the name of Santa's dog is santa paws

Who plays Santa Claus in Santa Paws?

Richard Riehle